East West Dive and Salvage

East West Dive and Salvage have been in operation since 1996. During the 20 years of operation East West has developed a reputation for being one of Victoria's leading Onshore Dive Companies. Our areas of specialty include Wharf remediation works and contaminated diving works. We pride ourselves on being involved in projects during all stages; conception, engineering, job management and completion. We are a small personable Company with a staff level of 20-25 including a dedicated team of Office administration/Health and Safety team

The Company staffs only experienced Dive employees with both Diving experience and trade Backgrounds.We believe that being a good Diver is only one skill; Diving is simply a method of accessing a work site, our crews must also have good tool and practical skills.Because a Diver works in an environment that can't be viewed by most people it is difficult to 'check' the work of any one Diver.For this reason the Company has a strict policy of employing a maximum of two new staff members at a time, ensuring they are trained in all works the Company Undertakes and quality checking all activities using documented Quality Assurance checklists.

Our clients can be assured that the team onsite will work Safely, efficiently and independently to complete works to targeted budget.


All our fully qualified dive and salvage teams operate according to the strict requirements of AS/NZS 2299.1 2015. This includes having ADAS certified Commercial Diving Supervisors overseeing each team, as well as carrying out all of our work using surface-supplied air. To further ensure that our dive teams operate safely and efficiently, we require the following:
  • Four members required for all tool-related operations
  • All teams supervised by an ADAS-qualified Dive Supervisor
  • All divers qualified as minimum ADAS Level 2 Commercial Diver
  • All works conducted to Australian Diving Standards (Reference AS/NZS 2299.1:2015)
  • Weekly emergency diver rescue drills
  • Regular emergency rescue scenarios
  • Recompression chamber as required