East West Dive have successfully worked on many major projects around Australia inclusive of wharf reconstruction at Station Pier, Webb Dock, Gellibrand Pier, Swanson Dock, Appleton Dock and Princess Pier.

East West Dive have extensive experience in demolition, including steel, concrete and timber demolition projects of wharfs, piers and jetties in both salt and freshwater environments. Demolition methods include hydro demolition, underwater cutting using Broco, underwater chainsaw, demolition saws and jack hammers.. East West Dive staff are highly competent in these activities and come from a range of backgrounds including steel fabrication, wharf carpentry and demolition.


East West Dive and Salvage conducts underwater inspections, surveys and reporting on a vast range of marine and freshwater structures. These include steel, concrete and timber structures that support wharf's, piers, jetties, marinas, inlet towers, weirs, dams, locks, pump stations and pipelines.

East West Dive are able to provide any level of assessment from a basic swim through visual to a more comprehensive WASCAM Surveys. Pre-cleaning of structures may be included with manual clean, pressure washing with 5000psi cleaners and third party pressure blasting of above water structures.

A WASCAM survey is conducted at client request with ‘Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual June 2014 Appendix A’ being the primary reference document being utilized during the inspections.  Consideration is given to

  • B8.1 Inspection Procedure for Timber
  • B8.2 Guidelines for Timber Defect Encoding
  • Table B8.1: Timber Pile Defect Codes
  • Table A9.1: Timber Condition Rating Scale
  • Table A9.2: Timber Piles

All inspections include reports and supply of images or videos to a pre-agreed set of parameters.