Locally owned and operated in Melbourne, East West Dive and Salvage is uniquely qualified to handle contaminated diving across Australia. Specialising in all aspects of contaminated diving, including both sewage and effluent diving, our experienced and professional team is available to mobilise at any time, even on short notice.

We efficiently and effectively complete works in contaminated environments, such as polluted waters, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and water with questionable quality or contaminates.

With at least one diving team usually working somewhere in Australia on any given day, we are able to offer a service to conduct works in contaminated environments working to the strict AS/NZS standards.

Making use of Kirby Morgan Superlights, as well as full contamination suits, we offer a truly complete service. All our equipment is fully water tested prior to use and is disinfected to the highest possible standards upon completion of the job.

Contaminated diving, or as some call it 'poo diving' is a cost-effective and practical alternative to isolating, emptying, cleaning, and disinfecting contaminated areas. Because this costly and impractical approach is often impossible, our contaminated diving service has a wide range of applications.

Our divers can safely enter contaminated environments and carry out a wide array of tasks, such as:

  • Airlifting and dredging
  • Inspections of areas with zero visibility, which cannot be viewed using ROVs
  • Installation and replacement of equipment
  • Measurements and surveys
  • Repairs and maintenance of mixers, aerators, diffusers, gates and other TP facilities
  • Search and recovery dives
  • And more


East West Dive have successfully worked on many major projects around Australia inclusive of wharf reconstruction at Station Pier, Webb Dock, Gellibrand Pier, Swanson Dock, Appleton Dock and Princess Pier.

East West Dive have extensive experience in demolition, including steel, concrete and timber demolition projects of wharfs, piers and jetties in both salt and freshwater environments. Demolition methods include hydro demolition, underwater cutting using Broco, underwater chainsaw, demolition saws and jack hammers.. East West Dive staff are highly competent in these activities and come from a range of backgrounds including steel fabrication, wharf carpentry and demolition.


East West Dive and Salvage employs an experienced weld team to conduct both above and below water welding operations including welding in wet environments. The team have accumulated over 12km of welding length since July 2015 conducting steel patch repairs to sheet pile wall and steel tubular piles, installation of continuity bar and anodes on Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems, conducting repairs to ships, and other steel repairs.

The company holds a variety of Qualified Weld Procedures to which the weld team are coded to maximise cost efficiencies and lead times for structural welding requirements; these include 6mm and 8mm continual fillet welds in 2F, 3F and 4F position welds. Holding these WQP and codes means the lead time for most welding tasks is minimal.

The weld team is capable of water and waterside based operations.

Vessel Malae is a dedicated welding barge suited for inland and protected water projects.

East West Dive and Salvage also has CSWIP 3.1 and 3.2 certified divers to undertake non-destructive testing operations with Ultra sonic thickness testing (UTT) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). We can provide this service with effective results, a high level of efficiency and minimal lead times.


Engaging a dive team to conduct insurance approved three and ten-year fire tank inspections can be a cost-effective solution where additional maintenance is required.  These ongoing inspections are required by law in addition to Fire Service testing on all fire storage tanks to ensure tanks are functional in the event of fire emergency. Often an ROV is utilised to conduct the inspections, but if damage is identified a diver will be required to conduct repairs as a secondary cost. East West

Dive's confined space qualified divers will be able to conduct a detailed 3-year inspection of the fire tanks and simultaneously undertake any debris removal, minor repairs and cleaning.  

10-Year inspections may require a full tank drain and pressure clean in addition to general nspection works.  A fully certified confined space team conduct tank inspections and any additional works including installation of tank liners, replacement of tank base, servicing of valves, roof repairs and
any other maintenance.  East West Dive will co-ordinate and conduct all works with safety and quality being the key focus.

Following the inspection of the fire tanks the administration team will provide a comprehensive report accompanied by digital photographs or, if preferred digital video of the inspection. 

All works conducted to AS 1851-2012 Water storage tanks for fire protection systems


Contact us with your specific needs as we have an experienced team available to provide advice and solutions for all your Water storage problems!

East West Dive and Salvage are able to conduct cleaning, maintenance and repairs to water storage facilities Australia Wide. We are able to conduct works in most storage environments including reservoirs, tanks, water towers, dam walls, restricted access, confined space and underground storage facilities.  Each job and location is considered separately and a plan is implemented to ensure each task is completed safety, effectively, efficiently and with minimal impact to the site.  Tasks undertaken include 

  • Vacuuming, Debris removal and General cleaning
  • Dredging to clear and locate inlets/outlets,
  • Installation of pneumatic plugs to isolate inlets/outlets
  • Valve repair, servicing, changeover and maintenance,
  • Leak identification and Liner repairs,
  • Replacement of grates, covers and blanking plates,
  • Repair, maintenance and installation of safety structures including ladders, handrails and rescue systems
  • Installation of Floating pontoons and jetties
  • Rock Revetment works

The company has strict safety standards and potable water protocols which include encapsulated diving and full decontamination prior to entry, certification to confined space and working at heights.


East West Dive and Salvage conducts underwater inspections, surveys and reporting on a vast range of marine and freshwater structures. These include steel, concrete and timber structures that support wharf's, piers, jetties, marinas, inlet towers, weirs, dams, locks, pump stations and pipelines.

East West Dive are able to provide any level of assessment from a basic swim through visual to a more comprehensive WASCAM Surveys. Pre-cleaning of structures may be included with manual clean, pressure washing with 5000psi cleaners and third party pressure blasting of above water structures.

A WASCAM survey is conducted at client request with ‘Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual June 2014 Appendix A’ being the primary reference document being utilized during the inspections.  Consideration is given to

  • B8.1 Inspection Procedure for Timber
  • B8.2 Guidelines for Timber Defect Encoding
  • Table B8.1: Timber Pile Defect Codes
  • Table A9.1: Timber Condition Rating Scale
  • Table A9.2: Timber Piles

All inspections include reports and supply of images or videos to a pre-agreed set of parameters.  


East West Dive and Salvage is currently accredited with DNV to conduct in-water ships Class Surveys in accordance with Approval Programme no. 404 and IACS UR Z17. The certification always for In-water survey of Ships, High Speed and Light craft and Mobile Off-shore units to DNV class standard when completed in conjunction with DNV Class surveyors.

East West Dive and Salvage has the equipment, certifications, accreditations and experience to conduct In-Water ships inspections or survey for a multitude of purposes. Whether it is a Class survey, damage inspections, pest inspection and clearances or propeller obstruction, East West Dive and Salvage can assist with ship's diving requirements in Melbourne's Ports and Anchorages. All EWDS divers hold Maritime Security Induction Cards and Port of Melbourne Corporation site inducted to allow crews to access most shipping wharves within the Melbourne Port area, or if works at anchorage are required the company has suitable vessels to travel to Melbourne and Geelong anchorage.

A ships survey is conducted with live surface-feed video footage and direct diver communications to provide optimal opportunity for Ship's representatives and DNV Surveyors to question and guide the divers towards areas of interest. All video footage and a complete report is supplied to the ships representative, shipping agent and Surveyor on completions of operations


As the leading salvage company in Victoria, East West Dive and Salvage is known for their fast response in retrieving vessels without inflicting any further damage to the vessels or surrounding environment.

A key priority in Salvage operations is containing all fuels, oils and other debris that may cause in environmental contamination. Any Environmental damage may result in prosecution or fines to the vessel owner. East West Dive works with insurance companies to coordinate all elements of a salvage including search, retrieval, transport and clean up to minimise the stress to vessel owners.

East West Dive and Salvage has undertaken salvage works throughout Victoria and the South Pacific (supplying equipment and expertise to local companies). Over the past few years, East West has undertaken numerous large scale salvage projects, as well as the run of the snapper season small boat salvages.