A confined space means an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • Is not designed or intended to be occupied by a person
  • Is at normal atmospheric pressure—or is designed or intended to be at normal atmospheric pressure—while a person is in the space
  • Is a risk to health and safety from:an atmosphere that doesn’t have a safe oxygen level
  • Contaminants like airborne gases, vapours and dusts that may cause injury from fire or explosion
  • Has harmful concentrations of any airborne contaminants
  • Is at risk of engulfment.

Confined spaces are commonly found in vats, tanks, pits, pipes, ducts, flues, chimneys, silos, containers, pressure vessels, underground sewers, wet or dry wells, shafts, trenches, tunnels or other similar enclosed or partially enclosed structures,
A space may become a confined one if work carried out in it could generate harmful concentrations of airborne contaminants.

East West Dive and Salvage have conducted a vast amount of Confined Space operations in a multitude of environments. Our teams are highly trained and certified to enter a Confined Space with safety being the number one priority. 

East West specialise in Contaminated Confined Space with our own calibrated Gas Meters and Breathing Apparatus

If you are not sure whether your space is considered a Confined Space we are happy to come and conduct a pre-site inspection prior to conducting works